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Key projects

Risk operating model and resourcing study

Through in-depth interviews with risk leaders, as well as the compilation of extensive data, we've recently produced a benchmark report that provides an overview of the most common risk operating models currently in place. We're also producing tailored comparison reports offering unique insights into specific sectors.

Board and executive board reporting benchmark

Collating approaches from over 50 global organisations, this benchmark delves into the frequency, format and content of internal risk reporting, helping members to produce more value-adding risk reporting. 

Risk culture maturity model and global better practice benchmark

Working with practising risk leaders from across the globe, we’ve developed a maturity model designed to help members benchmark their organisation's risk culture framework and behaviours against a set of key criteria. This provides members with an assessment tool they can use to baseline and then monitor the strength of risk culture within their organisations.

Risk management in high-growth digital companies benchmark

Following requests from members in our digital cohort, we’re preparing a benchmark report highlighting to companies within this sector how risk functions implement and enhance risk management, covering their journeys from innovative start-ups to large, established organisations.

Crisis management taxonomy and critical controls library 

Our resilience cohort is collaborating on the development of a taxonomy of crisis events. The group is also working together to develop a database of critical controls, key risk indicators and playbooks aligned to the taxonomy.

Emerging risk maturity model and global better practice benchmark

We've developed a maturity model for emerging risk management that empowers members to identify the capability and maturity levels required to understand, control, report and respond to emerging risks. It also allows them to assess, at a relatively high-level, how mature their organisation's emerging risk framework is.

Critical controls for remote working environments benchmark

Using insights gathered from members on the approaches their organisations are taking to remote working, this benchmark showcases the risks and controls around security, privacy and fraud risk issues arising from the lack of physical controls organisations may have in an office. 

KRI library

We've created a peer-contributed library of key risk indicators to help risk leaders better understand their exposure to key risks. The library categorises the indicators by the type of risk, leading/lagging, qualitative/quantitative and the type of metric used. 

Risk training materials

Following member requests, we’ve compiled a portfolio of ready-to-use tools, slides and other materials risk managers can provide to different stakeholders across their organisation to improve their internal training programmes.

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Intelligence platform

Benchmarking tools

The network's data-led benchmarking tools provide invaluable insights that help members get time-consuming tasks done quickly and efficiently.

Member meetings

Upcoming meeting highlights

Risk Leadership Network's member meetings regularly bring small cohorts together to explore specific issues, topics and challenges.


Risk interconnectivity

August 2, 2022

In this meeting we will explore how Members are starting to incorporate risk dependencies into their analysis and reporting. We will discuss why risk interconnectivity is important and how it can help inform better decision making. We will explore how Members are identifying risk interconnectivity and the technologies that are driving maturity in this space.


How to create an enterprise risk taxonomy

August 3, 2022

An effective enterprise risk taxonomy should be the foundation of all risk management practices. During this workshop-style session, members will share how they’ve structured their risk taxonomy, and the strengths and weaknesses of their approach. Members will leave with new ideas on how they can improve their taxonomy and create an effective flow of information.

emerging risk

Workshop: Emerging risk frameworks

August 8, 2022

In this workshop style meeting members share the development of their emerging risk framework. Members should come prepared to share how they are:

  • Identifying and analysing emerging risks (workshops, surveys, theming, aligning to taxonomy)
  • Developing ongoing monitoring of emerging risks 
  • Reporting emerging risk
  • Embedding emerging risk analysis into strategic decision making
risk reporting

How to report enterprise risks to management and the board

August 10, 2022

During this workshop-style session, members will share how they are reporting enterprise risks to management and the board, including any visuals they use, and whether they highlight trends, opportunities, or emerging risks. Members will leave with new ideas on how they can enhance their risk reporting and the pros and cons of different approaches.


Insurance cohort: Preparing for October 2022 renewals

August 11, 2022

Risk Leadership Network’s Asia-Pacific insurance cohort will be meeting to discuss insurance renewal strategies, including rates and capacity, market messaging, broker feedback and how they are adapting their presentations. These discussion points will be followed by an open Q&A where members have the opportunity to get the group’s input on any other insurance challenges they are facing.


Risk culture metrics

August 12, 2022

Join Members in this workshop-style meeting to share the specific hard and perception-based metrics you use to monitor risk culture. To open the meeting AustralianSuper will share an update on their work with Monash University to rationalise and verify the effectiveness of specific metrics.



Balancing risk-based and process assurance

August 17, 2022

In many high-hazard sectors assurance activities are focused on process and conformance to the management system.  As more companies seek to capitalise on the benefits of an aligned, risk-based assurance approach we explore how members are balancing these two approaches and the challenges this poses. 

cyber risk

How to approach thread-based cyber risk reporting

August 19, 2022

This member meeting will outline the growing importance of cyber risk in the constantly changing legislative environment and global dynamics, especially for critical infrastructure providers.


Using KRIs and risk appetite for risk reporting

September 7, 2022

In this meeting, a risk manager will describe how to best use key risk indicators (KRIs) and risk appetite to inform your risk reporting.
This meeting is ideal for those looking to enhance their risk reporting to the board and maximise their use of KRIs.

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Intelligence platform

Popular content

The Intelligence platform is the network's searchable database of peer-contributed case studies, tools, templates and how-to guides spanning a comprehensive range of risk management topics. 

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