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Transforming how the risk community shares knowledge and expertise

Risk Leadership Network is a global corporate membership network for risk leaders and their teams. We enable peer collaboration to help Members enhance risk management effectiveness and improve corporate performance and resilience.

The Idea


I’ve had the privilege of working with senior risk professionals and industry thought leaders from around the world for more than twenty years. During this time, I've seen first-hand the benefits of peer group networking and collaboration among risk professionals.

As many risk managers have told me, risk management isn’t something you can learn solely from a textbook. Good risk management is about how you practically apply concepts within an organisation and the best way to learn this is from the experiences of others.


Despite the benefits of networking, I observed that risk managers spend relatively little time engaging with their peers, particularly in a meaningful way. Why? For many professionals there simply isn’t enough time. For others, existing networking opportunities are often unstructured, too broad or sales-led.

Inspired by this and working with a group of pioneering risk managers, we have created the Risk Leadership Network. We’d be delighted to discuss the benefits of membership with you.


William Sanders
Co-founder & joint managing director
Risk Leadership Network

Advisory Board

The independent Advisory Board consists of current and former senior risk managers who help guide the network’s content strategy to ensure it remains practical and applicable.  

  • Eamonn-Cunningham

    Eamonn Cunningham

    Director, 15B Pty Ltd and former chief risk officer, Scentre Group and Westfield

  • Anthony-Reardon

    Anthony Reardon

    Founder, ERM International and former head of risk strategy, BHP

  • alexander-larsen

    Alexander Larsen

    Former risk manager for LUKOIL, Qatar Foundation and Saudi Aramco; president of Baldwin Global Risk Services Ltd

  • Nicole_Grantham

    Nicole Grantham

    Former chief risk officer, Qantas & SAI Global

  • GarethByatt

    Gareth Byatt

    Principal consultant, Risk Insight Consulting and former head of risk, Asia, Lendlease

  • HansLaessoe

    Hans Læssøe

    Founder, Aktus and former head of strategic risk, LEGO Group

  • Sarah_Gordon

    Sarah Gordon

    CEO, Satarla and former head of assurance (Africa) and risk analysis (Sustainability and Technical), Anglo American

  • christoph

    Christoph Schwager

    Entrepreneur, Wappnet, former Chief Risk Officer Airbus Group, former lead partner ERM, EY

  • Adrian-Clements

    Adrian Clements

    President, AT-IPIC and former director of corporate risk management, Tereos and ArcelorMittal

Our Team

The business was founded by William Sanders and Tim Whitehouse, with teams in the UK and Australia.


We are backed by investment from leading B2B media entrepreneurs and Incisive Media – a multi-award winning international information and events business.


Risk Leadership Network is owned by Gambit Media Ltd.

  • Will-Sanders

    William Sanders

    Co-founder and network manager, Asia-Pacific

  • Tim-Whitehouse

    Tim Whitehouse

    Co-founder and network manager, EMEA

  • Kin-Ly

    Kin Ly

    Content and network manager

  • Keeley

    Keely Double

    Content manager

  • Richard-Rowe

    Richard Rowe

    Marketing manager