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Optimising the new three lines model

This blog post is an adapted version of a paper from Risk Leadership Network's Intelligence platform, contributed by advisory board member, ...

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Risk appetite surveys: the questions to ask your board

What’s a good starting point when you are producing a risk appetite statement for the very first time? Often, it starts with understanding your board's attitudes, tolerance, and appetite – to what extent ...

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6 risk appetite FAQs (on operationalising appetite statements) – answered

Have you read COSO’s new guidance on risk appetite, published last week (20 May)? This blog isn’t about the guide itself, which you can access

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3 simple tips for turning your risk appetite statement into a practical tool

What’s on your risk appetite statement? You will likely have met with internal stakeholders, executive management and the board to define the amount of risk you are willing to take in pursuit of ...

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3 practical ways risk managers are stamping their mark on managing COVID-19

Your company will likely be in crisis mode as COVID-19 continues to progress: Crisis management teams are working around the clock to address imminent issues – typically taking a 24- to 48-hour ...

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12 ways to improve your risk culture

What do you want your risk culture to be? More precisely, what attitudes and behaviours do you want employees to display? And how do they link to your company’s strategy, performance and mission ...

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Top 3 legacy risk approaches to rethink and reform

Are long-held risk practices still fit for purpose? Our community of risk managers named three approaches that must be challenged – the three lines of defence (3LoD), risk appetite and tolerance ...

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