Transform your risk management

Membership that helps risk leaders get things done

How it works

Exchange practical knowledge and experience on the issues that matter most to you

Leverage the collective knowledge of the network while collaborating on niche issues and challenges

Intelligence for the whole team

Through easy access to all case studies, tools, templates and guidance hosted on the network's Intelligence platform, your risk team will be able to quickly find solutions, ideas and inspiration.

Small-group peer collaboration

Designated individuals within your team will be able to exchange practical insights directly with peers through a range of collaboration opportunities, including targeted member meetings.

Bespoke network assistance

A dedicated network manager will work with you throughout the year to help you get the most out of the network and facilitate bespoke collaboration in support of your key priorities.

“Knowing I can quickly access a wealth of practical knowledge and expertise on relevant topics as and when I need them, is critical in my role. New issues arise constantly and the opportunity to discuss these with qualified peers via the Risk Leadership Network is invaluable.”
Frederic Desitter

Group Director Enterprise Risk Management, TAQA

“Risk Leadership Network provides a well-supported structure to collaborate and learn from a cross-section of peers that you may not otherwise get access to. The opportunity to share ideas, learnings and mistakes with others in your position provides invaluable insight that you can't get from consultants or just reading around a subject.”
Enita Kang

Head of Enterprise Risk, ITV

“The set-up works brilliantly for me and my wider team. The biggest value-add for us is the tailored approach adopted by Risk Leadership Network, which engages members to drive the agenda."
Anna Hunt

Chief Risk Officer, National Grid UK

“Embedding and implementing enterprise-wide risk management is a challenge particularly if you only have the theory to hand. Risk Leadership Network’s focus on enabling practical knowledge sharing between experienced risk management professionals has helped us to assess, compare and recalibrate our approach in various risk-related topics this year.”
Russell Mckay

Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Aramex

“You can often feel like a black sheep within your own company, which makes it a challenge to learn, develop and evolve. Subsequently, the chance to connect with others and gather lots of useful ideas within a very short period of time represents the biggest benefit of Risk Leadership Network."
Martina Zeitler

Assurance Director, Worley

How we work with you

Benefit from a tailored approach

We'll help you and your team use the network to solve your specific risk management challenges

Day 1

Network manager assigned

Upon joining, we'll assign you a dedicated network manager who will work with you throughout the year to help you get the most out of the network and facilitate bespoke collaboration in support of your key priorities.

Day 1
Month 1

Risk priorities identified

Your network manager will work closely with you to identify and understand your risk priorities as part of the member onboarding process. We'll also make sure we understand your team structure and how we can help you gain the most value possible from the network.

Month 1
Months 1-4

Connect and collaborate

Your risk priorities will be factored into Risk Leadership Network's agenda and your network manager will help you get the most out of relevant member meetings, discussions, case studies, tools, guidance and more.

Months 1-4
Month 4

Priority check-in

Once you and your team have had a chance to settle in and start making the most of what the network has to offer, we'll check in with you to make sure your risk priorities are accurate and up to date.

Month 4
Months 4-12

Solve your biggest risk management challenges

In support of your risk priorities, we'll continue to proactively facilitate bespoke meetings and collaborations to help you obtain solutions to specific challenges while saving time, money and effort.

Months 4-12
“What makes Risk Leadership Network different – and what provides greatest value – is the ability to propose topics for discussion and guidance, giving members an active role in shaping the conversation.”
Chyono Flynn

Head of Group Risk, Network Rail

“The Risk Leadership Network team are really accessible and receptive to ideas and requests. On many occasions, they have supported me with informal requests for information or collaboration, which has been invaluable over the last 12 months.”
Anna Hunt

Chief Risk Officer, National Grid UK

“Risk Leadership Network membership helps our risk team engage with – and learn from – peers outside of our sector. The network managers make it easy for us to identify and collaborate with relevant experts on niche topics.”
Rob Jack

Risk Principal, BHP

“When we have reached out to the network management team for assistance, the response has been very quick. We feel as though we get tailored input from the team at Risk Leadership Network, which is great.”
Cara Eves

Associate General Counsel, Global Enterprise Risk Management, UCB

Key benefits

Why join Risk Leadership Network?

Membership levels

Choose your level of access and support

Join at a level that suits your team, budget and requirements

Level 1
Share and exchange knowledge with other members and benchmark your ideas
Case studies, templates, reports and guidance
General member meetings
Level 2
Work with a network manager to enhance your risk management effectiveness
Case studies, templates, reports and guidance
All member meetings
Maturity models and self-assessments
Benchmarking tools
Dedicated network manager
Bespoke collaborations
Level 3
Bespoke collaboration for multiple risk leaders within larger teams
Case studies, templates, reports and guidance
All member meetings
Maturity models and self-assessments
Benchmarking tools
Multiple network managers
Bespoke collaborations
Annual briefing

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What is the format of member meetings?

Member meetings can take a few different forms. Some meetings involve a risk leader delivering a presentation on a particular process or solution they have developed to solve a challenge, followed by an opportunity for group discussion and questions. Others take the format of a workshop-style session, in which multiple members present their approach to a certain aspect of risk management practice. Most importantly, every meeting is designed to be interactive and give our members the chance to share insights with one another.

What content is available to members via the Intelligence platform?

The content available via our Intelligence platform covers a comprehensive range of risk management topics. Content types include how-to guides, which offer a step-by-step approach to tackling risk management challenges; case studies, where a risk leader outlines in detail their process for a given aspect of risk management; and tools & templates, which can be leveraged by members to speed up their own processes and achieve results.

What is network assistance?

Members with either Level 2 or Level 3 membership have access to network assistance. If there is a particular challenge your company or team is facing, you can approach our network management team for support. This might involve us setting up a bespoke meeting, where we can put you in touch with one or more risk leaders who have experience in a certain area of risk management, or it might involve the development of a benchmark report or content tool that allows you to compare what your organisation is doing with other businesses.

What is the most popular membership level?

The overwhelming majority of our members join at Level 2. This level gives you access to a dedicated network manager who can facilitate bespoke collaboration in support of your specific priorities, and also provides access to the network's benchmarking tools.

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