How it works

Targeted collaboration that helps risk leaders accelerate ERM better practice

At Risk Leadership Network, we and our members firmly believe that collaboration is the only way peers can effectively exchange practical knowledge and experience. We also understand that risk leaders are time-poor. As a result, we facilitate a range of targeted virtual collaboration that delivers maximum value by supporting members with their specific priorities.

Why are we different?

Bespoke assistance

Supporting you with your priorities

As a member of Risk Leadership Network, you'll gain access to a dedicated network manager who will work closely with you to facilitate collaboration tailored to your needs and priorities.


Understanding your priorities

Through in-depth onboarding and regular check-ins, your dedicated network manager will ensure they gain a deep understanding of your unique priorities and challenges. You'll also be able to reach out to them when a new challenge arises or your priorities change.


Providing targeted support

Based on your specific priorities, we'll proactively identify relevant peers within our extensive network and initiate targeted knowledge-sharing opportunities to help you discover new ideas, learn from others, validate and benchmark approaches, and much more.


Delivering tailored solutions

Whether it's connecting you 1-1 with the right person, running a series of bespoke virtual meetings, creating quantitative or qualitative benchmark reports, or even developing a new tool or template, we'll deliver solutions that deliver maximum value for you.

Ways to collaborate

Led by member priorities, our network managers facilitate a range of targeted collaboration and knowledge-sharing opportunities to help members solve their key challenges.

Bespoke assistance

Bespoke meetings

Benefit from 1-1 or small group meetings with peers who have direct experience with your priority, allowing you to dig deep and find answers quickly.

Bespoke assistance

Bespoke benchmarking

Inform and validate your approach against relevant organisations through bespoke benchmarking studies conducted by your network manager.

Bespoke assistance

Bespoke tools

Collaborate with relevant peers and leverage the capabilities of our team to build niche tools and templates that solve specific issues and challenges.

For you and senior team members

Network meetings

Participate in regular collaborative meetings that bring small cohorts of members together to share practical experiences and solutions, brainstorm new ideas, and learn from each other.

For you and your wider risk team

Data and benchmarks

Save time on risk reporting using custom-built data aggregation tools such as our Horizon Scanning Tool, and leverage key insights from sector-specific benchmark reports and pulse checks.

For you and your wider risk team

Shared insights

Take advantage of executive summaries that distil the key discussion points and considerations arising from network meetings, as well as other written insights from across the network.

Connect with and learn from experienced corporate risk leaders like you

Risk Leadership Network membership is exclusively available to CROs and heads of risk at large non-financial corporations. When you join, you’ll be able to harness the expertise of some of the most experienced practising risk leaders in the world.

We focus on getting ERM to work in practice – not on the theory or foundations

At Risk Leadership Network, we don't focus on risk management theory or rudimentary risk identification and analysis – we help risk leaders obtain the insights they need to operationalise ERM better practice within the context of their specific organisation and challenges.

Operationalising and accelerating ERM better practice is our core focus

You can't learn how to practically apply risk management concepts using generic reports and templates or large-scale conferences. By facilitating targeted collaboration between relevant peers, we enable risk leaders to actually implement better practice within their organisations.

Solve challenges quickly while avoiding costly mistakes

By collaborating with risk leaders who have directly relevant experience to share with you, you'll get to the heart of problems quickly and benefit from lessons already learned by others.

One annual membership fee (with a huge ROI)

Our members have reported an average 500% ROI from Risk Leadership Network membership, with savings on consultancy, travel, conferences and service providers among the key contributors. Our fees do not increase the more you use the network – it's one membership fee for the whole year.

Harness the power of peer collaboration


Benefit from a wealth of shared experience from the world’s risk leaders


Compare your approach to peers in aligned sectors and regions

Solve problems

Find answers, solutions, ideas, data and inspiration quickly and easily

Look ahead

Anticipate challenges by learning what others are thinking about next

Avoid mistakes

Tackle challenges equipped with lessons learned by other risk leaders


Validate your approach using relevant and reliable data and insights

“As many risk managers have told me, risk management isn’t something you can learn from a textbook. Good risk management is about how you practically apply concepts within an organisation and the best way to learn this is from the experiences of others.”
William Sanders

Co-founder, Risk Leadership Network

The network for forward-thinking risk leaders at the world's largest organisations