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Member priorities we're working on

Based on specific member priorities, our network managers provide targeted support through bespoke collaboration opportunities. Below are a few examples of the challenges members are solving through the network.

Applying AI to risk management

How are members applying AI/new technologies to risk management?

The intersection of climate-related risks

How are members reflecting the intersection of climate-related risks with other risks reflected in risk assessments?

Data security and cyber risks

How can risk teams produce a holistic report that clearly demonstrates the interconnectivity of these risks, tracks mitigation efforts and trends over time and aligns data sets?

Risk prioritisation

How are members defining the ‘minimum standards’ to be applied to different kinds of strategic risks and allocating resources proportionately?

Emerging risk frameworks

What are the key components of an effective emerging risk framework, and what information are members providing boards and executives?

Alignment with decision-making

Risk management input and output is often not aligned to the organisation’s decision-making calendar. How are members overcoming this and exerting more influence? 

Assessing climate-related risks

What methodology are members using to identify and prioritise climate-related risks, and what processes have been applied to assess the chosen climate-related risks?

AI controls and assurance

How are members building control and assurance frameworks for the risks associated with AI and machine learning technologies?

Operationalising risk appetite

How are members linking risk assessment to risk appetite and building appropriate escalation routines?

Coordinating ESG reporting

How are companies coordinating the collection, analysis and reporting of all ESG data?

Risk management goals for executives

How are organisations guiding their senior leaders around setting effective risk management goals?

Generating risk intelligence

How are organisations using risk systems to aggregate insights across their business and turn this into intelligence that can inform strategic decision-making?

Benchmarking risk operating models in the pharmaceutical sector

How are global pharmaceutical companies developing the structure of risk teams?

Financially quantifying climate risk under TCFD requirements

How do you calculate the longer term (10+ years) financial risk and financially quantify materiality risk?

Virtual meetings

Recent and upcoming meeting highlights

Our network meetings regularly bring groups together to share practical experiences and brainstorm new ideas, while bespoke meetings connect very small groups to focus on a specific issue or challenge. 

    Data and benchmarks

    Data aggregation tools

    Our custom-built data aggregation tools provide invaluable insights that help risk teams get time-consuming tasks done quickly and efficiently.

    Data and benchmarks

    Specialist benchmark reports

    In-depth benchmark reports help members compare and validate their approaches in key areas.


    Risk operating models: multinational manufacturers

    This report offers a deep dive into the risk team structure, resources, reporting lines and priorities at a select group of 11 multinational manufacturers.


    Aligning risk and resilience to build maturity

    This benchmark report explores how a group of businesses are aligning risk and resilience frameworks to prepare for incidents, recover from events and adapt to a changing market.

    High-growth businesses

    Managing risk in a high-growth business

    How do risk approaches differ between traditional businesses and high-growth organisations? This report explores how risk leaders at agile businesses support innovation and manage risks.

    Risk reporting

    Risk reporting to the ARC and board

    This report aggregates data from the network’s risk reporting survey, conducted among members and practising risk professionals in 2022.


    Risk operating models: digital sector

    This report analyses the risk reporting lines, team structures, operating models and risk priorities at 11 digital companies operating around the world.

    Crisis management

    Practitioner approaches to crisis management

    Based on a series of one-to-one discussions between risk leaders in the network, we have developed this report to dive deeper into the insights shared by businesses on crisis and emergency management.


    Emerging risks: telecommunications sector

    This report offers a closer look at the emerging risks facing the telecommunications sector, based on the insights shared by 12 organisations from Australasia, Asia, the Middle East and Europe.


    Policy governance benchmark

    This report offers an insight into the design and deployment of a policy governance framework in a group of large national and multinational corporations.

    Middle East

    Risk operating models: MENA

    Focusing on the Middle East and North Africa specifically, this report provides a cross-sector insight into the risk operating models currently in place at 10 different companies in the region.


    Emerging risks in high-growth digital companies

    This report offers insights into the emerging risk landscape at six global online companies, exploring how they identify their top emerging risks.

    Risk operating models

    Risk operating models: the market benchmark

    This market report aggregates data and insight from 50 companies across more than 15 sectors, providing an overview of the most common risk operating models currently in place.

    Risk reporting

    Simplifying risk reporting

    This report offers a closer look at how risk leaders are simplifying their internal risk reporting to make it more valuable to their business.

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