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Member priorities we're working on

Based on specific member priorities, our network managers provide targeted support through bespoke collaboration opportunities. Below are a few examples of the challenges members are solving through the network.

Linking risk and assurance

How can you ensure that risk and assurance are streamlined and avoid the duplication of assurance efforts?

Developing KRIs to embed risk appetite

How do you build on risk appetite statements by developing KRIs to bring them to life and how can you achieve senior leader engagement with these indicators?

Risk matrices

How do you ensure that risks with a lower severity or probability score on a risk matrix are not viewed as insignificant in the eyes of senior management?

Streamlining risk appetite statements

How can you develop risk appetite statements that are more straightforward and fit for purpose, in order to support more effective risk assessments?

Making a business case for a GRC tool

How do you persuade executives about the value of a specific GRC tool and demonstrate its potential benefits for the organisation as part of a business case?

Strengthening controls self-assessments

How do you ensure greater consistency across the controls self-assessments performed by teams, minimising discrepancies in the answers provided?

Bringing together risk and assurance reporting

How can you combine risk and assurance reporting to maximize the value of both reports and simplify the information provided to senior leadership?

Risk prediction using data analytics

How are companies leveraging data analytics to augment (or replace) traditional workshops and other risk identification processes?

Scenario analysis for emerging risk

How do you narrow down a set of reasonable scenarios that engage the business and put the outcomes of these scenarios together to ensure the business is prepared for anything that might happen?

KRIs for resilience

How do you deploy an objective and meaningful quality control system for business continuity exercises and what meaningful KRIs can you apply to these programmes?

Risk culture assessment against target state

How can you deploy a risk culture assessment across the business to ensure the risk culture of the organisation is moving in the right direction?

Capturing geopolitical risks

How are risk teams approaching the challenge of analysing geopolitical risks, both from an assessment and reporting perspective?

Embedding strategic risk thinking at a business unit level

How can organisations link risk and strategy at a business unit level and get the business to look beyond a tactical perspective?

The application of AI and new technologies to risk management

How are other organisations approaching the challenge of embedding AI into risk management processes and what issues does it raise?

Benchmarking psychosocial metrics in risk assessment criteria

How do businesses articulate psychological in impact matrices across the varying levels of severity?

How to facilitate better engagement with the executive committee

How can you communicate risk in a way that encourages executives to challenge and debate the risk data presented to them?

Financially quantifying climate risk

How are companies untangling corporate reporting requirements around TCFD and TNFD?

Improving the objectivity of risk assessments

How are companies increasing the trustworthiness of risk assessments to drive a more positive risk culture?

Thresholds for reporting risks to ARC

How are risk teams deciding what risks to prioritise in their internal reports to the audit and risk committee (ARC)?

Training and upskilling risk champions

What training programmes have companies implemented to develop the risk capabilities of their champion network?

The intersection of climate-related risks

How are members reflecting the intersection of climate-related risks with other risks reflected in risk assessments?

Data security and cyber risks

How can risk teams produce a holistic report that clearly demonstrates the interconnectivity of these risks, tracks mitigation efforts and trends over time and aligns data sets?

Risk prioritisation

How are members defining the ‘minimum standards’ to be applied to different kinds of strategic risks and allocating resources proportionately?

Emerging risk frameworks

What are the key components of an effective emerging risk framework, and what information are members providing boards and executives?

Alignment with decision-making

Risk management input and output is often not aligned to the organisation’s decision-making calendar. How are members overcoming this and exerting more influence? 

Assessing climate-related risks

What methodology are members using to identify and prioritise climate-related risks, and what processes have been applied to assess the chosen climate-related risks?

AI controls and assurance

How are members building control and assurance frameworks for the risks associated with AI and machine learning technologies?

Operationalising risk appetite

How are members linking risk assessment to risk appetite and building appropriate escalation routines?

Coordinating ESG reporting

How are companies coordinating the collection, analysis and reporting of all ESG data?

Risk management goals for executives

How are organisations guiding their senior leaders around setting effective risk management goals?

Generating risk intelligence

How are organisations using risk systems to aggregate insights across their business and turn this into intelligence that can inform strategic decision-making?

Aggregation and ownership of risk categories

How are companies aggregating multiples of individual risk exposures to identify trends and provide insights?

Country risk assessment

How are risk teams providing the business with scenario-based insights and signals about country-specific risks?

Operationalising risk appetite

How are members linking risk assessment to risk appetite and building appropriate escalation routines?

Virtual meetings

Recent and upcoming meeting highlights

Our network meetings regularly bring groups together to share practical experiences and brainstorm new ideas, while bespoke meetings connect very small groups to focus on a specific issue or challenge. 

    Data and benchmarks

    Data aggregation tools

    Our custom-built data aggregation tools provide invaluable insights that help risk teams get time-consuming tasks done quickly and efficiently.

    Data and benchmarks

    Specialist benchmarks

    In-depth benchmark reports help members compare and validate their approaches in key areas.

    Emerging risk

    Emerging risks report: GCC organisations

    In this report, we outline the top emerging risks facing organisations in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations, based on insights shared by key risk leaders across the region.


    Executive engagement with risk: a market deep-dive

    What makes for successful executive engagement with Risk? In this deep-dive report, we share our learnings across governance, capability, team efficacy and operating rhythms.

    Strategic risk

    Applying a risk lens to strategy: a market benchmark

    This benchmark report explores how risk leaders at seven organisations, ranging in sector and geography, are applying a risk lens to strategy to help the business make better decisions.

    Oil & Gas

    Risk evaluation criteria in the oil and gas sector

    This pulse check report provides insights into risk evaluation in the oil and gas sector, focusing on which tools companies are using and how risk evaluation is being applied throughout the business.


    Buying and managing insurance at group vs. subsidiary level

    This pulse check report provides a snapshot of the approaches a group of companies are taking to purchase and manage insurance, as well as the potential advantages and drawbacks of their approach.

    Emerging risk

    Emerging risks report: Digital/SaaS sector

    This report offers a closer look at emerging risks facing digital/SaaS companies, as well as the processes they follow to track these risks, based on insights from key sector participants.

    Risk reporting

    Preparing for annual reporting

    What are risk teams prioritising ahead of their upcoming reports? This article explores how a cross-section of risk leaders are contributing to the development of their company’s annual report, with a specific emphasis on the improvements they are prioritising.


    Emerging risks report: renewable energy sector

    This report offers a closer look at emerging risks facing renewable energy companies, based on insights shared by 11 large multinational organisations from Australasia, the UK and Europe.


    Risk operating models: pharmaceutical sector

    This report on risk operating models offers a deep dive into the risk team structure, resources, reporting lines and priorities at a select group of nine pharmaceutical companies.

    Risk appetite

    Risk appetite categories: pulse check results

    This pulse-check report explores how a cross-sector group of organisations are linking risk appetite to the categories of risk they have identified under their taxonomy.

    Material risks

    Communicating the status of material risks

    In this bespoke benchmark, nine listed companies share the terms and thresholds they use to discuss material risk in the business.

    Risk resources

    Optimising resources for the greatest impact

    This benchmark explores how a group of eight companies, ranging in size and sector, tackle a common challenge: leveraging a limited number of risk resources through planning and prioritisation.

    Future of risk

    Preparing for the future of risk: people and capability

    In this report, we look at the changing skills and responsibilities of Risk, and how risk leaders can prepare their teams to be ready for the opportunities that arise.


    Risk operating models: multinational manufacturers

    This report offers a deep dive into the risk team structure, resources, reporting lines and priorities at a select group of 11 multinational manufacturers.


    Aligning risk and resilience to build maturity

    This benchmark report explores how a group of businesses are aligning risk and resilience frameworks to prepare for incidents, recover from events and adapt to a changing market.

    High-growth businesses

    Managing risk in a high-growth business

    How do risk approaches differ between traditional businesses and high-growth organisations? This report explores how risk leaders at agile businesses support innovation and manage risks.


    Policy governance benchmark

    This report offers an insight into the design and deployment of a policy governance framework in a group of large national and multinational corporations.

    Middle East

    Risk operating models: MENA

    Focusing on the Middle East and North Africa specifically, this report provides a cross-sector insight into the risk operating models currently in place at 10 different companies in the region.


    Emerging risks in high-growth digital companies

    This report offers insights into the emerging risk landscape at six global online companies, exploring how they identify their top emerging risks.

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