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Key projects

Risk operating model benchmark reports

Through in-depth interviews with risk leaders, we’re producing sector-specific comparisons of the main operating models used across organisations. We’ve now published our first risk operating models benchmark report offering unique insights into the risk team structure, capacity, resources and risk reporting lines at ten different energy and utility companies.

Emerging risk maturity model

Our emerging risk cohort have developed a maturity model to identify and benchmark global better practice, helping member organisations understand where they sit on both a capabilities scale and on a maturity scale when it comes to emerging risk management.

Risk culture maturity model and self-assessment tool

We’re developing a maturity model for members to benchmark better practice, assess their level of maturity, and provide them with a path to improving risk culture. Covering all aspects of risk culture – from leadership and speak-up culture to monitoring via dashboards – this model will help members understand the steps to take to improve their organisational risk culture.

Crisis taxonomy tool

Our resilience cohort is collaborating on the development of a taxonomy of crisis events. The group will also be working together to develop a database of critical controls, key risk indicators and playbooks aligned to the taxonomy.

Policy governance working group

Following a series of meetings and one-to-one interviews with a cohort of risk leaders, we recently developed a benchmark report to compare the different policy governance models currently being used. 

Benchmarking fast-moving digital companies

Following requests from members in our digital cohort, we’re preparing a benchmark survey highlighting to companies within this sector how risk functions implement and enhance risk management, covering their journey from being an innovative start-up to a large, established organisation.

Risk culture and behavioural indicators

Our risk culture cohort are collaborating on the development of a risk culture indicator library.

Integrated assurance maturity model 

Our assurance cohort is developing an integrated assurance benchmark to identify what better practice looks like and the steps organisations can take to achieve it.

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Intelligence platform

Benchmarking tools

The network's data-led benchmarking tools provide invaluable insights that help members get time-consuming tasks done quickly and efficiently.

Member meetings

Upcoming meeting highlights

Risk Leadership Network's member meetings regularly bring small cohorts together to explore specific issues, topics and challenges.


Risk Leaders: Holding the business to account in responding to emerging risks

July 5, 2022

RLN’s leadership cohort will meet to discuss how to ensure that the business is responding appropriately to emerging risks. The discussion will focus on how to measure the pace at which the business is responding to an emerging trend and the role of the CRO/risk function in ensuring that the business is taking appropriate action.


Digital cohort: Rapidly evolving the risk function to keep pace with the needs of a high-growth, fast-paced digital business

July 7, 2022

Members will discuss how the risk function and risk practices should adapt and evolve to meet the needs of an agile, innovative and entrepreneurial digital business. To open the meeting Chad Miller, former Global Head of Governance Risk and Control at Gett will share his experience of building and adapting risk management for rapidly changing business.


Building and refining a risk taxonomy in relation to risk appetite

July 11, 2022

In this bespoke meeting, generated out of our network assistance service, a risk manager will be sharing his innovative approach on building a risk taxonomy.


Russian-Ukrainian war: geopolitical conflict risk and crisis management

July 12, 2022

In this meeting, a Head of Risk at DTEK outlines the evaluation of Russian military invasion risk that the company conducted from December 2021. He will describe how the risk team worked with other departments, including crisis and business continuity, to develop the mitigation measures, and how these were executed when the war broke out in late February. He will also talk about the importance of resilience plan development (individual and corporate) and the impact of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine on the world economy.


AI-driven integration of enterprise data within an internal control framework

July 20, 2022

In this meeting, a risk manager explains how they're approaching integration of health and safety regulations, standards, procedures, work instructions, assurance activities, investigations, corrective actions and training through the lens of a single integrated control framework.


Developing risk training materials

July 27, 2022

In this initial workshop-style meeting, members will come together to brainstorm what training materials they would like Risk Leadership Network to develop for them.
This will be a chance for the network to crowdsource ideas and requests from members. We will then develop a training pack that is tailored to and serves members’ needs.



Risk interconnectivity

August 2, 2022

In this meeting we will explore how Members are starting to incorporate risk dependencies into their analysis and reporting. We will discuss why risk interconnectivity is important and how it can help inform better decision making. We will explore how Members are identifying risk interconnectivity and the technologies that are driving maturity in this space.

cyber risk

How to approach thread-based cyber risk reporting

August 19, 2022

This member meeting will outline the growing importance of cyber risk in the constantly changing legislative environment and global dynamics, especially for critical infrastructure providers.


Using KRIs and risk appetite for risk reporting

September 7, 2022

In this meeting, a risk manager will describe how to best use key risk indicators (KRIs) and risk appetite to inform your risk reporting.
This meeting is ideal for those looking to enhance their risk reporting to the board and maximise their use of KRIs.

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Popular content

The Intelligence platform is the network's searchable database of peer-contributed case studies, tools, templates and how-to guides spanning a comprehensive range of risk management topics. 

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