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Member priorities we're working on

Based on specific member priorities, our network managers provide targeted support through bespoke collaboration opportunities. Below are a few examples of the challenges members are solving through the network.

How to bring geopolitical risk into risk assessments

How do you make geopolitical risk meaningful and relevant to the business, either through dashboarding or other methods?

Managing supplier risk

Given that third party risk can be very siloed within an organisation, focused on predominantly by procurement teams, how do you get everyone to use a cohesive supplier risk framework?

Aggregating asset risks

As part of an effort to integrate risk management into decision making and business planning, how are organisations aggregating risks across their asset portfolio and using this information to report to the board?

Engaging with the C-Suite outside of governance committees

As opposed to just presenting risk updates to senior leaders on a periodic basis, how can you engage with them outside of this window to drive a risk agenda?

Benchmarking fraud risk

What approaches are other companies taking to manage fraud-related risks, and how are they driving discussions about the potential threat landscape internally?

Approaching sustainability from a risk perspective

How does the risk management team maintain oversight of sustainability risks while meeting regulatory and social obligations?

Dashboards that provide insights and drive decisions

What’s more valuable: is it the visualisation of risk data, or verbal insights off the back of that data? Also, what are the challenges faced with drawing meaningful insights out of risk data?

Effective risk management for decarbonisation of operations

How are companies identifying risks associated with decarbonisation across their risk register and galvinising senior stakeholders to agree to a plan of action?

Presenting emerging risks to the board

How do other risk leaders handle their emerging risk reporting, in terms of the type of data they present and the level of granularity that they drill down into during conversations with senior leaders?

TCFD reporting processes

What does the TCFD reporting process need to look like to make it successful? For example, who should be involved, how can you effectively engage senior management, and what assurance needs to be provided over the data.

Determining whether to have risk appetite statements

Do any companies operate without risk appetite statements and, if so, how do they ensure the level of risk-taking within the business is commensurate with the risk appetite of the organisation and its senior leaders?

Practical implementation of scenario analysis

How do you run scenario planning exercises in practice as well as theory, making sure you prepare enough and pitch material to the business at the right level?

Data and AI usage in risk management

What are the optimal ways of leveraging analytics and AI to deliver better risk insights for the business?

Developing KRIs to embed risk appetite

How do you build on risk appetite statements by developing KRIs to bring them to life and how can you achieve senior leader engagement with these indicators?

Data security and cyber risks

How can risk teams produce a holistic report that clearly demonstrates the interconnectivity of these risks, tracks mitigation efforts and trends over time and aligns data sets?

Virtual meetings

Recent and upcoming meeting highlights

Our network meetings regularly bring groups together to share practical experiences and brainstorm new ideas, while bespoke meetings connect very small groups to focus on a specific issue or challenge. 

    Data and benchmarks

    Data aggregation tools

    Our custom-built data aggregation tools provide invaluable insights that help risk teams get time-consuming tasks done quickly and efficiently.

    Data and benchmarks

    Specialist benchmarks

    In-depth benchmark reports help members compare and validate their approaches in key areas.

    Risk reporting

    Benchmark report: Internal risk reporting practices

    This benchmark report provides insight into how risk leaders ensure that their internal risk
    reporting delivers maximum value for their business.

    Risk materiality

    Risk materiality: a market pulse check

    This pulse check provides high-level insights into how risk materiality is assessed and

    Systems and technology

    Risk management software: survey results

    This summary report highlights the range of different systems organisations are using for
    enterprise risk management and the key advantages of the most popular options.

    Risk identification

    Top principal / material risks in utilities, oil & energy and mining & metal sectors

    This report shows the 2023 top risks across three key sectors: utilities, oil & energy
    and mining & metals.

    Risk operating models

    Practitioner insight: combined risk and internal audit function

    This report offers practical suggestions that can help organisations avoid common
    pitfalls and achieve the best possible results.

    Supply chain

    Safeguarding against human rights risks

    This deep-dive benchmark was
    designed to explore how organisations in customer-facing sectors, such as
    retail and hospitality, are managing risks related to human rights and modern

    Risk appetite

    Risk appetite benchmark: 8 successful approaches

    This report outlines eight complete and successful processes for implementing risk appetite, with each example representing the needs of a specific type of organisation.

    Oil & Gas

    Risk evaluation criteria in the oil and gas sector

    This pulse check report provides insights into risk evaluation in the oil and gas sector, focusing on which tools companies are using and how risk evaluation is being applied throughout the business.


    Emerging risks report: renewable energy sector

    This report offers a closer look at emerging risks facing renewable energy companies, based on insights shared by 11 large multinational organisations from Australasia, the UK and Europe.


    Risk operating models: pharmaceutical sector

    This report on risk operating models offers a deep dive into the risk team structure, resources, reporting lines and priorities at a select group of nine pharmaceutical companies.


    Assurance mapping: 5 risk leader approaches

    How do you develop an effective assurance plan for your organisation? This report
    offers five unique approaches taken by risk leaders.

    Future of risk

    Preparing for the future of risk: people and capability

    In this report, we look at the changing skills and responsibilities of Risk, and how risk leaders can prepare their teams to be ready for the opportunities that arise.

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