Why join the Risk Leadership Network?

At the heart of the Risk Leadership Network is high-value, micro-level peer collaboration. Our aim is simple: to help risk managers exchange practical knowledge and experience in a focused and time-effective way.


By giving risk managers direct access to a diverse range of specialist experience from across the globe – including access to real case studies, tools and templates submitted by other risk managers – we help risk leaders and their teams overcome the distinct, complex challenges that matter most to them.


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Transforming risk management

Derek is responsible for risk and assurance at a multinational corporation with three full-time employees working in his team. Before he joined the firm, risk management was perceived internally as a compliance exercise. He and his team are realigning risk management to support better decision-making. With a large portfolio and competing priorities, Derek is unable to dedicate the amount of time he would like to supporting his team in conceiving and implementing new risk management ideas. He turns to the Risk Leadership Network for support.


Head of Risk and Assurance, Retail Sector

Intelligence platform

Derek’s team regularly log into the Risk Leadership Network’s Intelligence platform to learn how other companies are developing and implementing new risk initiatives. They save key learnings, tools and templates to their ‘Clippings’ from which they create bespoke Reports. Each month, they review these Reports with Derek and decide on new ideas to take forward.

Intelligence platform

Derek’s team discover a case study with a supporting framework of how another corporation has defined their risk appetite. The case study also outlines steps taken to turn a ‘flat document’ into a practical tool to enhance decision-making. Derek’s team downloads an editable copy of the company’s appetite framework, ready to adapt and use.

Expert Network

Derek signs up to a scheduled virtual meeting focused on the practical application of risk appetite. The group exchange experiences, lessons learnt and tips with one another and subject matter experts.

Reacting to an immediate challenge

Jennifer is a risk manager working for a regional business that operates across Asia-Pacifc. Mounting political unrest in one of the countries in which the firm operates is causing concern at a corporate level. Jennifer has already actioned some of the firm’s standard continuity policies and is confident they are managing the situation. However, a senior executive wants to understand how their approach compares with other businesses based in the affected country. She turns to the Risk Leadership Network to connect with the relevant risk managers.


Director of Risk, Property Sector

Expert Network: Private Messaging

Jennifer uses the Risk Leadership Network’s Private Messaging app to contact relevant Members to understand how they are approaching the situation.

Intelligence platform

Jennifer finds two case studies from risk manager contributors with relevant situational expertise. She uses the Intelligence platform’s Compare functionality to view the 'lessons learned' sections side by side, and consolidates her recommendations into a bespoke report that she creates for her senior management team.

Advisory Service

Jennifer is under pressure to respond to the situation in a timely fashion. Without the budget to hire a consultant, Jennifer contacts her Network Manager to arrange a one-to-one call with the most appropriate specialist available through the Risk Leadership Network's Advisory Service.

Future-proofing risk management

Tom is the head of risk management at a mid-sized corporation. He and his team have built a strong risk framework and culture. However, they are aware they operate in markets that are experiencing a high pace of change, and are focusing more on horizon scanning to understand how they should adapt their approach in the future. In the past, Tom has relied on industry conferences to provide this intelligence. He’s now looking to supplement these insights with detailed discussions with risk practitioners outside his immediate network and geography. He turns to the Risk Leadership Network.


Group Head of Enterprise Risk Management, Energy Sector

Network Assistance

Tom works with his assigned Network Manager to organise a bi-monthly virtual meeting with a targeted group of senior risk professionals, also interested in horizon scanning.

Expert Network

The group uses the bi-monthly meeting to share key insights from their horizon scanning activities. After each call, the Risk Leadership Network's content team produces a summary of the key themes discussed.

Expert Network: Private Messaging

Tom sets up a group within the Risk Leadership Network’s Private Messaging app where he exchanges horizon scanning insights with others throughout the year. The Risk Leadership Network team regularly invites relevant new Members and subject matter experts to join this group.

Learning lessons from other sectors

Laura heads up the risk management function at a global financial institution. She has a large team who are focused on identifying and managing non-financial risks. She encourages her team to collaborate with other risk practitioners, but is concerned that her team’s network is limited to the financial services sector. She sees huge value in learning from the experiences of risk practitioners in other sectors and turns to the Risk Leadership Network to connect her team with new thinking from around the world.


Chief Risk Officer, Financial Services Sector

Expert Network

Laura and other senior members of her team join a series of scheduled virtual meetings exploring how non-financial services corporations are measuring risk culture.

Network Assistance

Laura gets in touch with her assigned Network Manager to discuss setting up regular meet-ups with chief risk officers from different sectors.

Expert Network

Laura's Network Manager sets up and facilitates a quarterly meet-up between Laura and four other chief risk officers. The sessions are used to share and discuss practical lessons in tackling non-financial risks, including risk culture.

Team development

Graham is the chief risk officer of a global corporation. He has a large team based in multiple sites around the world. He wants to inspire his team to think differently about risk management. He provides his whole team with access to the Risk Leadership Network’s Intelligence and Expert Network services as part of their internal training and development programme. He encourages the team to identify new ways of working to share at their monthly town halls.


Senior Vice-President Risk and Assurance, Telecommunications Sector

Intelligence platform

Graham's team regularly log into the Risk Leadership Network Intelligence platform to identify and learn about new ways of working. They share important elements – practical tips and key learnings within specific case studies – to time-poor members of the team by simply adding Notes to key sections.

Expert Network: Private Messaging

Graham asks the specialists within his team to join relevant topical groups in the Risk Leadership Network's Private Messaging app. They regularly pick up on and discuss interesting new risk management themes to feedback to the wider team.

Expert Network

Graham encourages senior members of his team to take part in scheduled Risk Leadership Network conference calls and webinars to keep abreast of emerging risk trends.

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