Reporting risks in smarter ways - our Risk Reporting Comparison Tool

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Aug 3, 2021

Do you want to benchmark your external risk reporting approach against other organisations? You want to validate your own approach by seeing what information your peers are including in their reports - and how they present it? There has to be a better way than scrolling through hundreds of reports?

Risk Leadership Network's Risk Reporting Comparison Tool is an interactive database of the risk sections of company annual reports, using AI to categorise the data and identify trends since 2020.

What are the data sources?

190+ company annual reports each year since 2020 across a range of sectors:

  • Every FTSE100-listed company annual report
  • All ASX20-listed company annual reports
  • Additional listed companies requested by our members

With all this data in one place, you'll significantly reduce the time you need to gather and analyse external data on principal/material risks to inform your risk reporting strategies.

Risk Reporting Comparison Tool
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What data is highlighted?

You'll be able to validate or question the risk reporting approach your organisation is taking to competitors, your wider sector, or the wider business market in minutes, rather than spending hours collating (much less) data.

Get access to the Risk Reporting Comparison Tool

This powerful tool has been developed for Risk Leadership Network Members. In fact, it was our members (risk leaders at leading organisations worldwide) who asked us to produce this tool to help improve the effectiveness of their horizon scanning.

Request a free demo of the Risk Reporting Comparison Tool and we'll pinpoint how the tool can solve your particular pain points, as well as how you can get access, along with membership to the network.

How can I interrogate the data?

  • Filter the data by specific companies or sectors
  • Drill down to identify trends in the risk categories mentioned
  • Conduct side-by-side comparisons of companies in their sector
  • Create year-on-year comparisons for specific companies or sectors to demonstrate the evolution of risk reporting

This enables you to identify risks you might have missed - what risks are all your competitors mentioning in their annual reports? You'll also be able to easily reference your competitor's risk and annual reporting structure during internal discussions to support your risk reporting strategy.

top principal
Top principal/material risks 2022 vs 2021
Download the analysis using data from our Risk Reporting Comparison Tool.

Can I see the original data?

Yes, all the sources are publicly available and you can navigate straight to them from our tool. In fact, the link in the tool allows you to jump straight to the page that mentions the emerging risk in the report. 

You'll save hours of time searching around company websites for relevant reports.

How was this tool developed?

The Risk Reporting Comparison Tool was built in response to requests and inspiration from our members, during discussions on improving the efficiency of their risk reporting. 

Now in its third iteration, the tool has been developed with regular consultation and feedback from our members - practising risk leaders at multinational organisations. 

The three-tier taxonomy, used to categorise the specific risks mentioned in the reports has been peer-approved by senior risk leaders, making it grounded in the real-life risk universes of risk functions.

The tool has been developed for risk leaders and, ultimately, by them. It's a practical solution to the real problems faced by risk teams in their work.

Get a free demo of the Risk Reporting Comparison Tool

To find out more about how the Risk Reporting Comparison Tool will save you time and validate/enhance your risk reporting strategy for your team and the board, request a demo with our product specialist today.

The Risk Reporting Comparison Tool is one of the many ways we support members of Risk Leadership Network with their risk priorities.


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