Internal risk reporting practices

A Risk Leadership Network member wanted to understand how other risk leaders ensure that their internal risk reporting delivers maximum value for their business.

Through surveys and interviews with CROs at 10 multi-national organisations across a range of sectors, we created a bespoke report to help this member benchmark their current practices. 

Fill in this form, and we'll arrange a time for a brief virtual meeting to see the report - we'll share with you some of the ways that our members are using this data to accelerate better ERM practice in their organisation.

Internal risk reporting

Members are using this benchmark to understand:

  • How regularly are internal reports are created?
  • What's the average page count of an internal risk report?
  • How many principal/top risks are presented?
  • What format is used? Any visuals?
  • How are emerging risks, risk appetite, KRIs etc included in the report (if at all)?

*Subject to qualification. We're only able to show this data to prospective members - in-house corporate risk leaders at large non-financial institutions in Europe, MENA and Oceania. We'll send you a meeting invite so we can explore the results with you and provide more context. The data in our benchmarks is valuable and we don't give it out to non-members.

Fill in this form to request see the benchmark*


What data is included?
  • Name of internal report
  • Number of principal risks included
  • Format of reports
  • How the report is used by ARC/board
  • Feedback from ARC/board
  • How KRIs, appetite and emerging risk s are incorporated into the report
  • Use of visuals in risk reporting
How was the data collected?

Through surveys and interviews with relevant CROs at large multinational non-financial orgnaisations.

Why did you create this benchmark?

We developed this benchmark to support a Risk Leadership Network member who raised improving their internal risk reporting as a key priority.

Do you have any other benchmarks?

Yes, we regularly create benchmarks or pulsechecks  in response to our members' priorities. Take a look at some of our latest benchmarks here. Through our bespoke, concierge "network assistance" service, we deliver these niche reports in a timely way to meet the exact needs of the organisation who requested it. Of course, the benchmarks are often useful for other organisations too and we share the results. If you'd like us to create a benchmark for your organisation, please fill in this form and we'll get back to you with a time-frame and membership proposal.

How do I get hold of this report?

Please fill in the form and we'll present the key findings to you*, and discuss how our members are leveraging the data in the report to operationalise and accelerate ERM better practice.

Due to the high value data in the report, we only send the report to members of Risk Leadership Network.

*Subject to approval. We're only able to meet with you to show you the data if you're a prospective member (i.e. a practising risk leader at a large non-financial organisation in Europe, Asia-Pacific or MENA). 

Can Risk Leadership Network carry out a benchmark for me?

Yes. Members of Risk Leadership Network work with a network manager to make sure we meet your risk priorities. If there's an informal benchmark that would assist you in your priorities, we'll create it for you in a timely manner. Most benchmarks are complete within 8 weeks of request. Tell us more about the benchmark you need and we'll get back to you with timescales and a membership proposal.

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