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Among a number of tailored activities to help our members with their priorities, Risk Leadership Network facilitates regular collaborative meetings between risk leaders.

These small virtual meetings, attended by 5-10 of our members at a time (risk leaders at companies such as BHP, Google, Johnson & Johnson, Shell Energy, Brambles, Woolworths, Glencore, Coca-Cola HBC & Telstra and 60+ multinational organisations) are designed to tackle a specific issue and enable risk leaders to get things done, with the advantage of shared practical insight from their peers.

Many of these meetings focus on specific issues within the topic of risk reporting (a high priority among our members). Although our meetings are exclusively for our members, we sometimes invite non-members to enhance the conversation and give you a taster of what we do.

Our meeting schedule is continually evolving, based on the priorities of our members, so please use the form opposite to let us know which area of risk reporting would be most useful for you to collaborate on and we'll be in touch as soon as there's a good fit.

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What format will the meeting follow?

Every meeting is different, based on the needs of our members. Some meetings have a practising risk leader presenting on a project they've recently implemented, while others follow a round table format.

Do I have to speak, and is it confidential?

All meetings take place under the Chatham House Rule. We believe that shared practical knowledge – of good and bad experiences – is what enables us all improve our risk management, so we do ask that you contribute to the discussion when you join us. 

How long do the meetings take?

Usually 1-1.5 hours. Network managers from our team chair the meeting and make sure that the meeting stays on track and members get as much insight as possible from the allocated time.

How many meetings have you got coming up?

No, we host about 30-40 meetings per month. Most members participate in 1-2 a month that specifically target the area they're working on. We also facilitate a number of 1-to-1 meetings when members need niche insight from another risk leader who has expertise in that area.

How do you decide on the subjects for your schedule?

Risk Leadership Network's meeting schedule is created exclusively in line with our members' priorities. When a new company joins us, we work with them to establish their priorities (short and long term), and then we set up the appropriate meetings to facilitate the most effective knowledge sharing.

Is this a sales pitch disguised as a meeting?

No. We're inviting you to participate in some of the meetings that we've organised for our paying members to help them find solutions for their projects. You'll go away armed with a wealth of practical insight from other risk leaders in our network. Prior to the meeting, you will receive a call from our membership team, to make sure that you're the right fit for your preferred meeting and we will follow up with you to get feedback afterwards. There are only practising risk leaders involved at our member meetings - there are no sponsors, service providers or implementation pitches.

Am I guaranteed a spot at a meeting?

No. Meetings are created and facilitated for our members, and therefore they get first priority for attendance. We invite non-members to join to enhance the discussion, and to give you a taster of what we do. We'll aim to have a short discussion with you before attending the meeting.

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