Benchmark report: Risk operating models in the energy and utilities sectors NEW

Following a series of in-depth interviews, we have produced a benchmark report offering insights into the risk team structure, capacity, resources and risk reporting lines at different energy and utility companies.

The unique shared knowledge in this report offers risk practitioners a chance to informally ‘benchmark’ their company against averages and highlighted outliers. More broadly, we hope we can contribute to a bigger professional conversation around optimising risk governance and risk operating models.


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Where does Risk sit within an organisation?

In the first section, we explore where the risk team sits within the overall corporate structure. Our research considered four different options for where Risk could sit within an organisation, assessing how each location might impact the function’s ability to execute its responsibilities and optimally serve the business.


How is Risk structured?

Risk Leadership Network has established four main alternative risk operating models, based on detailed interviews we have conducted with risk leaders across diverse industries and around the world. In this section, we compare our findings from interviews with sector leaders against the broader, cross-sector risk operating models.


Key risk team components

In the third and final section of our report, we compare key components and governance structures of the participating risk teams. Organised by company size, the information presented enables risk leaders to informally benchmark their own team and capacity against a broad sector base.