How to see what you don't see – a practical approach
case study

COVID-19 has prompted organisations to ask: what else are we blind to? Anthony Reardon, advisor and former head of risk strategy and development at BHP, proposes a risk radar approach.

As companies emerge from COVID’s immediate crisis management period, many are now are considering next steps. More than likely, risk managers are going to be asked: what else are we blind to and how do we get line of sight?

Moreover, how can companies gain confidence they are doing enough to address emerging risks, but not wasting time on things that will never happen? Traditional risk management tools and approaches have not been adequate. Anthony Reardon proposes a risk radar that helps reveal blind spots and enables organisations to broaden and deepen their risk view.

This paper was taken from Risk Leadership Network’s Intelligence platform – the network's searchable database of peer-contributed case studies, tools and templates.

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