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Emerging Risk Maturity Model


Risk Leadership Network's new Emerging Risk Maturity Model gives risk leaders the tools they need to assess, benchmark and increase their emerging risk maturity as part of an iterative process of development, review and improvement.

Risk Leadership Network members have access to our maturity models as part of their membership. To enhance the benchmark, we are also inviting the emerging risk lead from major non-financial organisations in Europe, the Middle East or Australasia to complete the self-assessment and receive the benchmark report (watch the video above to learn more about the components). Please complete the form opposite to request to participate.

Please complete the form to request to take part


How has the maturity model been created? Who decides what good looks like?

Risk Leadership Network's Emerging Risk Maturity Model has been created through collaboration with mature members of network and export practitioners outside of it.

What's the process after I've completed the form?

We'll make sure that you're a good fit for our benchmark and then send you a link to fill in the self-assessment. After you've completed the self-assessment, we'll schedule a short meeting to present your results in comparison to your peers. Then we'll send you your benchmark report and improvement roadmap.

How long will the self-assessment take?

The self-assessment will take about 20 minutes and it needs to be completed by the risk team, including the emerging risk lead in your organisation. The meeting with your results will take 30 minutes. We think it's important that, as a non-member, we're able to discuss the report with you and put it into context, rather than send the report straight to you. In the meeting, we'll be able to share some practical insight about how other risk leaders in our network are improving their emerging risk maturity.

Can anyone get involved in the Emerging Risk Maturity Model?

No. The Emerging Risk Maturity Model was created specifically to help our members increase their emerging risk maturity, as it's a priority for so many of them. Although we see value in opening up the self-assessment to non-members, so as to increase the amount of data in our benchmark, it's important that the data is high quality and from similar organisations to our members: large multi-national corporations across various sectors. The emerging risk lead in each company needs to be involved in the self-assessment.  We won't be adding data from smaller organisations or consultants to the benchmark as it won't be useful for our members.

How is this maturity model different to others in the industry?

1. It gives you a complete iterative process.
Risk Leadership Network's Emerging Risk Maturity Model tells you where you are now, how to get to where you want to be, and our Network gives you the practical insight from other risk leaders to get there. 

2. It's created by risk leaders for risk leaders.
The emerging risk framework, self-assessment and roadmap were developed through close collaboration with practising global risk leaders. This is not another benchmark with consultants or journalists telling you what to do. The recommendations all come from mature, experienced risk leaders with decades of practical experience.

3. It's bespoke and tailored to you.
This is not a one-size-fits-all maturity model. The self-assessment creates a personalised benchmark report that specifically looks at how your company compares to others for a variety of emerging risk activities and capabilities. The roadmap, again, is specific and tailored to you and your current stage of maturity. With Risk Leadership Network, you'll get tailored, collaborative opportunities to learn from companies that are more mature in personalised one-to-ones or small collaborative discussions. We also produce content directly tailored to member requests to improve their maturity. 

4. It's quick.
Once you've completed the self-assessment, the benchmark report will be ready in 24 hours. If you commissioned a benchmark report with a consultancy, it would take months to get the results.

How should I use the Emerging Risk Maturity Model?

The model is intended to work alongside strategic and operational risk management processes that are already in place, helping risk practitioners to monitor, report and respond to emerging risks. The iterative model focuses in particular on how businesses can identify critical processes (both strategic and operational) before considering the potential disruptors that may interfere with these processes.

You can take the Benchmark Report (with the spider diagrams and other benchmark graphics) to the executive leadership team and get buy-in for projects, highlighting how other, similar businesses are more mature in key areas.

The Improvement Roadmap gives risk leaders and their teams key steps and advice to becoming more mature with checkpoints for the business to aspire and prioritise. Thus, the roadmap becomes a tool for the whole business (not just the risk team) to work together on improving emerging risk maturity.

We'll be facilitating collaboration between global risk leaders in our network, as participants work to improve their emerging risk maturity. Once you've completed the self-assessment , we'll outline how this could work for you.

Who are the members of Risk Leadership Network and how do I join?

Risk Leadership Network facilitates collaboration and practical knowledge sharing between global risk leaders around the world. Our 65+ member organisations worldwide include Google, BHP, Johnson & Johnson, Shell Energy, Brambles, Worley, Orica, National Grid, IHG Hotels & Resorts, Coles Group, Glencore and many more large multi-national listed and private companies. Risk Leadership Network membership takes place at a corporate level and we'd be delighted to speak to you about joining after completing the Emerging Risk Self-Assessment. Alternatively, find out about membership here.

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