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Are you looking to find out more about Risk Leadership Network? 

  • Understand our tailored approach
  • Discover who are members are
  • Discuss risk priorities (our members or yours)

Christina Frutuoso

Head of Content and Community
Risk Leadership Network



During this short video call, a member of our team will give you a brief overview of the ways we're helping our members with tailored solutions to their risk priorities.

We'll also give you a snapshot of our member organisations, so you can see which multinational organisations are collaborating through Risk Leadership Network.

If you're comfortable discussing any of your current challenges, I can give details of the collaborations we've facilitated for members with similar priorities and discuss how we might leverage peer insights to assist you.

*Subject to qualification. We're only able to introductory calls to prospective members - in-house corporate risk leaders at large non-financial institutions in Europe, Middle East and Oceania. Once you've submitted the form, I'll send you a link to my calendar so we can find a good time to speak.

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